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East Midlands Airport’s Best Travel Cameras

East Midlands Airport has the best travel camera deals, whether you’re taking your first few shots or preparing to capture your 100th breath-taking masterpiece.

By using the fun and factual guides further down the page, you’ll be able to find out exactly which camera is right for you. If you already know what you need to complete your kit, you can start shopping right now by clicking the link below.

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Introducing the GoPro Hero8 Black and GoPro Max

The next range of GoPro products has arrived and they build upon the brand's proud lineage with a suite of outstanding features. 

If you want a super-tough camera that can handle bumps, scrapes and just about anything that nature can throw at it, you want a GoPro. With performance that puts the best phone cameras to shame and durability that DSLRs only dream of, the GoPro is the best of both worlds.

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Our Best Action Cameras

Great for: Extreme sports, road trips & fast-paced action.

Action cameras are easy to use, robust and versatile. They deliver incredible 4K video from impossible angles and are compatible with a wide range of accessories – a combination that makes them the ideal travelling companions. The unique ability of the action camera to mount to almost anything will give you exceptional and irresistible footage, whether you’re trying an extreme sport, road-tripping cross-country or just walking the dog

It’s important to pay attention to the fine details when you’re buying an action camera for your travels. You need to look for the features that help a model stand out as most action cameras offer similar functionality. Waterproofing, crystal-clear resolution and a lengthy battery life are all key for a great purchase. Finally, check that the model you’re buying is compatible with all the mounts you’ll need and you’re sure to take home the best travel camera.

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Our Best DSLR Cameras

Great for: Breath-taking nature shots, sweeping landscapes & perfect portraits.

DSLR cameras are technical, flexible and highly customisable. A descendant of classic ‘film & lens’ cameras, DSLRs are ideal for budding photographers who want to take their art to the next level. They guarantee that the work you put into your shots will pay off with a wide range of compatible lenses, unbeatable focus speeds and a larger sensor than you’d find in any mobile phone camera. These are great all-round travel cameras and make the perfect partner for photographers looking to get more from their shots

It’s important to consider what lenses and peripherals you’ll need when choosing between the DSLR cameras on the market. Beginners should keep an eye out for DSLRs with a good all-round lens and easy-to-master controls. Most entry-level DSLRs come with a zoom lens which will cover the photographs you’ll take while learning to get the most from your new travel camera.

You’ll be able to easily upgrade your camera when you’re ready to experiment too, as even entry-level DSLRs have a wide range of lenses available. More advanced photographers should look for more complex DSLR cameras with dual memory card slots, easily-accessible manual controls and weatherproofing.

Those looking for the power of a DSLR who also want to travel light should consider the latest ranges of mirrorless cameras for the best of both worlds.

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Our Best Vlogging Cameras

Great for: Family memories, Home movies & travel vlogs.

Vlogging cameras are adaptable, smart and lightweight. While your mind might jump to the tape-fed, plastic camcorders of the nineties, many digital cameras now offer brilliant recording capabilities, ideal for creating home videos, travel vlogs and more. Although many phones can now record in 4k, this is often at the cost of a lower frame rate or an easily filled memory. Video cameras have neither of these restrictions and boast a larger sensor to create clearer shots that are sure to get your friends and family talking about your cinematic skills

It’s important to ensure your model will have both community and peripheral support when choosing a vlogging camera. Many of the best models have a large community willing to offer plenty of tips to ensure you always get superb results. Film-making peripherals can be a little less common than standard photography accessories so make sure your chosen brand has everything you need before you buy. You’ll have plenty of brands to choose from too, as many of the best travel cameras are also suitable for filmmaking.

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Our Best Instant Cameras

Great for: Arts and crafts, treasured keepsakes & fun with friends.

Instant cameras are fun, easy and totally retro. A recent trend in the world of photography, instant cameras have become a must-have for teens. Unlike other cameras, they can capture an image and then create a print out that magically forms into the picture you’ve taken before your eyes! There’s no need to worry about memory cards or digitally altering the picture, returning photography to more of an art and less of a technical challenge. This makes instant cameras ideal for new photographers who are starting to discover a love for the hobby

When buying an instant camera, it’s just as important to consider fashion as it is function. Many of the best instant cameras come in a variety of colours and styles, so it’s easy to choose a model that matches your look. If you’re hunting for something that’s going to give the best results, consider the size of the prints and whether the model supports Bluetooth control, allowing you to start shooting from your phone for group shots.

It’s also important to consider the printing refills as some can be hard to find or costly. Check that the camera you’re buying comes with plenty of blank sheets to get you started. We’d even recommend picking up a couple of refill packs with the camera to ensure you don’t run low. 

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Our Best Camera Accessories

Even the best travel camera is only as good as its accessories. Every shot is different and each one will require different straps, tripods, lenses and more – not to mention the unique range of challenges presented by each climate. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered at East Midlands Airport with a range of the best accessories for thousands of cameras

The only way to ensure you’re buying the right accessories is through planning and research, break down your trip into photo opportunities and ensure you have absolutely everything you will need to get the best shot. If you’re not sure, try to make sure you have a few lenses to cover the majority of the shots you’ll make and one or two specialist lenses for a few unique pictures as well as a variable tripod and a sturdy strap. Armed with a fully stocked kit, you can turn almost any camera into the best travel camera for you.

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East Midlands Airport’s Best Travel Cameras FAQs

How Can I Take Better Action Photos?

With the right camera and a little preparation, action shots are super-easy. The key is to ensure that your camera has a high shutter speed as well as a shutter priority and continuous shooting mode – all of which can be found on most modern DSLRs and action cameras. Planning is also important, work out exactly where the action will be happening and roughly where the focal point will be

Once you’ve done your research, find a vantage point to take the shot from, if your trying to capture something likely to cause vibration, ensure you’re somewhere that you can brace yourself and the camera. If you’re indoors or in low-light, set your shutter speed to above 1/200, and if you’re outdoors in daylight set it to above 1/1000 then use your camera’s shutter priority mode (which will react to your shutter speed setting to ensure every other setting is correct). Finally, wait until the action is about to reach its peak and activate continuous shooting mode, then review your snaps to find the best one.

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Why Should You Buy A DSLR Camera?

With cheap ‘point and shoot’ cameras and phone cameras advancing, it can seem difficult to justify a DSLR camera. However, constantly-improving DSLR cameras have begun to offer a wealth of benefits - outshining their competitor devices

Thanks to their large sensor, incredible sensitivity to light and ability to use different lenses, DSLRs simply offer a better image quality. Their improved shutter and focus speed makes them even better for action shots while their flexible controls let you stretch your legs creatively by constantly adjusting for the ultimate shot. And, because DSLRs commonly hold their value for years after their initial purchase, they are also a better investment than their competitor devices.

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Which Cameras Are Best For Vlogging?

As many cameras are sold on their ability to take still shots, it can seem impossible to work out which ones are going to take the best videos. The easiest way to think about it is that a high-end camera will always produce incredible results but there are a few key areas to consider while looking for the ideal model

The first thing you should look for is a high frame rate – anything above 60fps with a 4k resolution is ideal. Beyond that, you should try to find a model that boasts special features that are going to help you as you’re filming – whether it’s Panasonic’s V-log L mode for dynamic and shareable videos or Sony’s eye AF which keeps the camera focused on any faces in the shot. If you’re still finding it difficult to make a decision, consider the design of the camera, it might be worth investing in a lighter or more compact model if you’re going to be using it out and about a lot.

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Where To Start With Camera Accessories

The first thing to do once you’ve bought your dream camera is to decide which accessories you need and which can wait. The most important thing is that you protect your investment – camera bags, cases and straps should be bought alongside the camera or as soon as possible after. Budding photographers should concentrate their spending here before investing in more niche supplies

Once your camera is secure, you should start building a stock of accessories for your everyday shots, a couple of variable lenses, a sturdy tripod and a UV protection filter. If you still have a little cash to splash, look for specialist peripherals including specific lenses, an extra battery and any lighting or flash equipment you need. By taking the time to research each accessory before you buy it you can slowly create a kit that’s customised to you and your needs.

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Finding The Best Travel Camera Deals

Finding top travel camera deals is hard, so let us take the stress out of it.

Each of our categories has been created by our travel tech experts who’ve looked through our camera range and chosen their favourite models for the specific needs of each customer.

Simply choose the category that’s right for you and we’ll take you to a tailor-made collection of our best cameras.

Action Cameras

Action Cameras

Skiing down the French alps? Rock climbing for the first time? Deep sea diving in the Bermuda Triangle? If you want to make these memories truly unforgettable, action cameras are the perfect travelling companion, chocked-full of features to keep up with you, no matter what you’re doing.

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DSLR Cameras

DSLR Cameras

Those who want to up their photography game should start by looking at DSLR cameras. These are the ultimate travel cameras, jam-packed full of features to deliver complete control and supported by a range of peripherals that will help you get the best shot every time.

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Vlogging Cameras

Vlogging Cameras

Our brilliant vlogging cameras will ensure your home videos are unmissable. With their crisp 4K resolution and breath-taking 60fps framerate, these models are perfect for capturing memories.

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