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GoPro - Unbeatable Action, Uncompromising Quality

The launch of a new GoPro range is a time to celebrate, never has that been truer than with the launch of the GoPro Hero8 Black and GoPro Max. These two outstanding action cameras push the boundaries of the GoPro range. Unlike previous ranges, the GoPro Hero8 Black and GoPro Max each have one uncompromising spec, making it super-easy to find the right one for you.

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At East Midlands Airport we stock both models as well as a range of incredible accessories so we want to make sure you have all the information you’ll need to buy the right model.

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Why Buy A GoPro?

Want a super-tough camera that can handle bumps, scrapes and just about anything that nature can throw at it? You want a GoPro. With performance that puts the best phone cameras to shame and durability that DSLRs only dream of, the GoPro is the best of both worlds.

Vloggers and filmmakers everywhere have even started to use GoPros in their professional shoots – most famously, director Ridley Scott used a GoPro during The Martian for intense first-person action on the red planet.

Introducing the GoPro Hero8 Black and GoPro Max

GoPro Hero8 Black

The next leap forward from the Hero7 generation, the GoPro Hero8 Black is the most versatile Hero camera ever. It features a streamlined design, perfect for taking on the go, and built-in folding fingers for super-fast mount swapping.

The optional media mod unlocks even more functionality with the ability to attach extra displays and lighting mods as well as a premium shotgun-mic. The game-changing HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilisation and jaw-dropping slo-mo, make it perfect for extreme sports photography, ‘walk and talk’ vlogging and much more.

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GoPro Max

Classic GoPro-style meets spherical-capture wizardry with this vlogging powerhouse. The GoPro Max is one of the most creative GoPro models to date with a suite of features that are sure to wow.

Capture traditional GoPro footage and photos with HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilisation then switch to 360° shooting to take in everything around you and vlog like a pro. Make panoramic shots easier than ever with the ability to just point and click – you’ll never have to pan again. And with a range of digital lenses, durable lens covers and six onboard mics this is a video camera that truly takes it all it – ideal for 360° videos, panoramic photos and more.

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Which Accessories Will You Need?

One of the iconic trademarks of the GoPro range is the selection of accessories designed for each model and both the Hero8 Black and Max continue this tradition. If you have a little extra cash to splash on your new GoPro, here’s a quick rundown of the top accessories for each model and why you should buy it.

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Rechargeable Battery

Immediately switch out your battery when you’re running low on power with this second rechargeable battery so you can keep using your new camera without worrying about charge.

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Dual Battery Charger & Battery

The perfect choice for keeping your new camera charged up, this pack includes both an extra battery and a charger that can power up two battery packs at the same time.

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Protective Housing

This does what it says on the tin, it keeps your GoPro super protected so you can do just about anything with it. A good investment for mountain climbers and base jumpers.

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Media Module

Pop your GoPro into this module and transform it into a top-class recording rig. With a built-in directional mic, you’ll be able to record audio with perfect clarity, plus, the HDMI-out, cold-shoe mounts and 3.5mm mic port give you the freedom to attach lights, monitors and more to get your ultimate shot.

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Display Mod

An attachment to the Media Module, the Display Mod is an additional 2-inch screen that can turn to give you instant feedback as you’re talking into the camera, it’s also able to fold down, behind your camera, for easy storage and transport.

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Light Mod

Like the Display Mod, the Light Mod can attach to your GoPro via the media module. Once attached it offers powerful lighting, up to 200 lumens, which you can even take underwater for bright, eye-catching aquatic shots.

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