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7 Reasons To Add Tech To Your Airport Shopping List

At East Midlands Airport shopping for tech is simple.

We like to keep East Midlands Airport shopping quick and easy because we know that a lot of our guests are focused on their journey – we can’t blame you, we’d be excited if we were flying too. We’ve ensured that we deliver high-street beating prices by working with trusted brands like Dixons Travel. And, we’ve created a super-smooth journey, by breaking down every aspect of your experience while tech shopping at East Midlands Airport.

Don’t believe us? Check out these 7 reasons to add tech to your airport shopping list at East Midlands Airport:


1)  The Best Advice In The Business

There’s a never-ending selection of tech on the market these days and it feels like you need to spend hour after hour researching every purchase. That might be an option for some people but we know that others don’t have time for that, especially when they’re getting ready for a big trip. To help you spend less time planning your next spend and more time thinking about relaxing on a sun-bleached beach, we’ve combined the tech knowledge offered by Dixons Travel with our years of retail experience to deliver outstanding customer advice. As you’re doing your airport shopping you’ll find useful buying guides chocked-full of the knowledge you need to make the right purchase without being bombarded with useless information.


2)  High Street Beating Prices

No matter where you’re shopping, finding the perfect tech deal can be difficult. Luckily, our unique position as an international travel hub gives East Midlands Airport exclusive access to deals unavailable anywhere else. And, we can even match the best tech deals on the high-street, thanks to our partnership with Dixons Travel which allows us to offer their brilliant ‘double the difference’ price guarantee*.

*Terms and conditions apply.


3)  No Parcel To Miss

It doesn’t matter what deal you’ve got or the research you’ve done, we’ve all had the nightmare experience of a brand-new piece of tech failing to turn up on time. At East Midlands Airport, we know it’s even worse when that new tech was the last thing you needed for your suitcase. However, you can completely avoid your missed parcel stress with our online click and collect service, which lets you reserve your items and pick them up along with the rest of your airport shopping.  


4)  Avoid Expensive Baggage Charges


It’s easy to get nervous about costly excess baggage charges, but our customers shouldn’t worry too much – any airport shopping done once you’ve passed through security isn’t included within your weight allowance. In fact, every airline at East Midlands Airport allows each passenger to take one bag of airport shopping on board as well as their hand luggage – so there’s nothing to stop you stocking up on all of our exclusive deals.


5)  We’ll Look After Your Airport Shopping While You’re Away

At East Midlands we understand that you might not want to take your new tech abroad with you – skiing down the silky slopes of the alps is so much harder when you’re weighed down by your brand-new luxury hairdryer. To help you reach your winter sports goals (or even your ‘relaxing at the ski lodge’ goals), we offer a collect on return service where you can pick up your airport shopping after your return flight. Once you’ve bought your new tech, simply speak to a staff member about collect on return and they’ll handle the rest.


6)  An Incredible Range To Choose From!

Some of our customers think that our stores can’t offer the range of a high street store. However, with East Midlands Airport’s click and collect service we’re able to offer a much larger range than many high street stores and websites – all you need to do is order online and we’ll get your new tech delivered to the terminal for you to pick up along with the rest of your airport shopping.


7)  Hassle-Free Returns (We Promise)

It can be hard to see how returns would work at an airport, but thanks to our trading partner’s presence on the high street it’s as easy as it would be at any other store. If your new charging cable just isn’t the right colour for your post-holiday mood, simply visit your local branch of Currys or PC World where you’ll be able to return your tech – and maybe even find a cable that suits the ‘new you’.


Now you know why shopping at the airport is the best way to get the latest tech, you can browse our brilliant range and treat yourself guilt-free to a little pre-holiday present.